Chukkapalli Charitable Trust, established and promoted by Kusalava is a not for profit charitable organization aim in at serving the community. It aims at uplifting the economically deprived classes of people in the backward areas of rural India focussing on Andhra Pradesh by providing aid to them in various forms and creating awareness in them on various issues.


Chukkapalli Public School is located in Adavinekkalem near Agiripalli mandal, just near to Nuziveedu, Andhra Pradesh. Designated as “Chukkapalli Public School” is the first through 1st to 10th standard grade school serves approximately 1200 students with 24 classrooms and 43 staff members (includes non teaching staff). more..
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Sneha Hospital is located at Adavinekkalem in Agiripalli mandalam, just near to Nuziveedu, Andhra Pradesh. more..
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Chukkapalli Industrial Training Institute, Adavinekkalem has been established in 1980. It is the oldest and largest vocational training institute in Adavinekkalam, Agiripalli mandalam. more..
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Donations made to Chukkapalli Charitable Trust ,Vijayawada are eligible for exemption under section 80G(5)(vi) of the Income Tax Act,1961.

For Education SubmitFor Health Submit
1) Adhar Card1) Adhar Card
2) Present School Certificates2) Application with clear request
3) White card given by govt.3) Hospital old records
4) Principal recommendation letter4) Doctor recommendations
5) Why Arogya Sri not covered?
Application - with clear request details and with family income proof